What Causes Warts?

Among many causes of warts the main cause of warts is the infection with one of the types of human papillomavirus (HPV).  So far has been found more than 120 types of viruses. Each of these types cause a different type and shape of the warts. Warts on skin may occur in people of all ages.

Skin-to-skin contact is the second most common way of passing the virus from infected person. Therefore, contact with people infected with HPV should be avoided whenever is possible. If contact is unavoidable it should be take care about hand hygiene and body hygiene in general.

Warts can also be transmitted by touching someones sports equipment or towels. If someone before you was using that and that person is infected with a papillomavirus, there is a high probability that you will get the virus also. Then comes into play your immune system.

The immune system’s first line of defense of the body. If it is weakened viruses of this type easily penetrate into the body. By strengthening the immune system we reduce the possibility of infection. The immune system is not able to easily defend If you enable a direct penetration of the virus into the blood stream.

Cuts, wounds from injuries or cracked skin allows unrestricted penetration of the virus in our body. It is therefore necessary to take care of injuries and protect them from direct contact.

Among others causes of warts one of the most common cause is the unsafe sex. Genital warts are transmitted during sexual intercourse. This type of wart is very common and it is necessary to pay great attention and protect yourself as much as possible.

There are many causes of warts and we have listed here only a most common causes:

Human papillomavirus

There are about 120 different types of human papillomaviruses (HPV). Human papillomavirus is ubiquitous, meaning that this virus normally, has on the skin, the most of the population, but not everybody gets skin lesions. So we can freely say that HPV is one of the main causes of warts. As is commonly believed HPV virus is not…

Skin-to-skin contact

Skin-to-skin contact represents also one of the main causes of getting warts.  Viral warts (soft fibromas) are benign growths on the skin and occur most often on the neck, in the area of the armpits, groin and on the eyelids. Over time their number increases because they spread on the body by touch and can easily…

Low immunity

Low immunity allows to all kinds of bacteria and viruses to undisturbed penetrate in our body and thus cause a some kind of disease. Most of us do not concretely know how, why, or what leads to the formation of the warts. People just reconciled with the fact that they just wake up one morning…

Cuts And Wounds

Cuts and wounds and other injuries provides direct penetration of human papillomavirus in our body.  Any damage of the skin can lead to the creation of new warts on human skin. The skin is particularly vulnerable to the spread of warts when you have cuts or cracks.  The virus enters through the upper layer of…

Unsafe sex

Genital warts is very easy to get, even if you use a condom for protection. It is almost impossible to be safe from this disease, since your partner can be a carrier of viruses, even if on itself are no visible symptoms. It only takes touch with infected skin or through contact of body fluids…