Cuts And Wounds

Cuts and wounds and other injuries provides direct penetration of human papillomavirus in our body.  Any damage of the skin can lead to the creation of new warts on human skin. The skin is particularly vulnerable to the spread of warts when you have cuts or cracks.  The virus enters through the upper layer of the skin through small wounds and that leads to the formation of warts.

Cuts And Wounds - Cause Of Warts On SkinPeople with damaged or moist skin are more likely to get an viral infection. People who have cuts and wounds, bruises or scratches can get this infection mainly in public places such as public swimming pools.  If there is damage to the surface layer of the skin due to cuts and wounds it is necessary to disinfect wounds and then cover the wound with Band-Aid or with bandage. In this way, we prevents the penetration of virus in our body. It is almost impossible to be safe from this disease, since your partner can be a carrier of viruses, even if there are no visible symptoms on him. It takes only one contact with infected skin or through contact of body fluids during sex to be infected. This is why this disease has become a global epidemic.

Since warts are caused by a viral infection, the body over time develops resistance so due to the effects of the immune system they often disappear spontaneously, but if this does not happen, they should be treated. None of the therapeutic methods eradicates HPV from the tissues, which is why warts often reappear. This does not mean that you should leave warts without treatment, on the contrary, as soon as possible to begin proper warts treatment and their removal. As time passes, immune system of the body strengthens, and periods without warts become longer. Once the changes are very persistent you have to combine  several therapeutic methods in wart treatment.

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