Skin-to-skin contact

Skin-to-skin contact represents also one of the main causes of getting warts.  Viral warts (soft fibromas) are benign growths on the skin and occur most often on the neck, in the area of the armpits, groin and on the eyelids. Over time their number increases because they spread on the body by touch and can easily be transmitted on other, so they should be removed.

skin-to-skin contactWhen person accidentally tear off wart, even the small fibroma may cause heavy bleeding. To prevent this, you need to remove them at dermatologist. Also, skin warts look ugly, so it causes psychological problem on the patient. The probability of obtaining warts significantly increases if viruses come into contact with damaged skin or with cuts. Cuts from shaving can also allow viruses begin the spread of infection. This explains the fact that men tend to have warts in the region of the chin and women on the legs. People actually get warts from contact with other people who already have warts.

Current recommendations on the prevention of warts is mostly related to public places such as swimming pools. However, children often get warts from family members or friends, and not from the public space, which tells us to cover the warts at home or at school. This method might be more helpful in preventing the spread of infection. The researchers found that the real risk of the spread of warts is exposure to people who have had warts, in their homes or classrooms, rather than use of public places.

Prevention of touching of people who have warts, covering the warts or simple “Band-Aid” over wart is a very good protection against transmission the warts. It is also important that a person who has warts take care of personal hygiene.They should not touch or scratch warts, because it can spread to other parts of his body. Regular hand washing and personal hygiene is a very effective way to prevent Skin-to-skin transmission of bacterial and viral infections, and therefore the warts.

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