Warts on Feet

Why and how do occur warts on feet?

Warts on feet also known as plantar warts are extremely common disease of the surface of the foot, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They are characterized by wart, thickened lesions that form on the soles of the feet. With regard to the specific characteristics of the skin of the foot, these lesions are placed very deep often causing significant pain when walking (also the weight of the body contributes to the pressure on soles).

warts on feet

What do warts on feet look like?

They can be individual or can be in large number on the foot plate, forming some kind of mosaic. It is necessary to make a differentiation to other thickening of the foot (hyperkeratosis, fibroma). Plantar warts have a clear border, black dots (vessels) on the surface of the lesion and hurt more when you put pressure on the lesion. Over time, they number and size will be increased.

Types of warts that cause changes on the feet are not highly contagious, and warm and moist environments favors them. The most common cause for getting warts on your feet is that you walk barefoot. Like other infectious diseases, HPV can be transmitted from person to person, and on foot from one place to another by tapping the wart or peeling.

Who can be infected with them?

Each person has a different immune response to contact with the virus, so it will not infect all the people who come into contact with the virus. Even members of one family responds differently and that is why it can not infect all members of the household.

Plantar warts are more common in damaged skin and a weakened immune system. One of the things that neither doctors do not understand is that some people get HPV virus while others do not. Children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to this virus.

What is the best treatment for Plantar warts?

Warts on feet can be very persistent and difficult to treat. They can also spread the virus to the entire surface on foot before you treated them. The best therapy is the treatment of the new changes as soon as possible! If left untreated individual warts can proliferate and create new ones, so that the entire surface of foot have mosaic wart panels. This is a very painful condition that makes it difficult for both, walking and running.

Tips for prevention of warts on feet

  • Avoid direct contact with the wart
  • Keep feet dry and clean
  • Do not walk barefoot in public places
  • Do not use common accessories for foot care

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