Warts Removal Treatment

For treatments of warts almost every doctor will tell you that it is best not to treat warts at all. Most people develop their own immune response to the warts, so that they eventually subside on their own. One fifth of all skin warts disappear within six months, two fifths within two years. However, if the wart does not disappear, or if it looks ugly and feel uncomfortable, you can try to remove themselves or seek medical help.

Treatments of warts depends on the type of wart, the place where they are located, their duration, age of the patient, but also on how they react to some already used form of therapy. Most warts in several years disappear spontaneously. But at about 35% of patients they re-occur in the same or on new places on the body. Methods for wart treatment include cryotherapy (freezing) with liquid nitrogen, RadioSurgery, electrosurgery, surgical therapy and laser therapy.

Depending on the type of warts, and the place where they are located on the body we can use several different treatments of warts:

Wart removal with radiowaves
Removing warts with liquid nitrogen
Laser wart removal
Wart removal using products with salicylic acid
Using a cream to remove warts

Here we listed some of the most common warts removal treatments:

Using cream to remove warts

Using cream to remove warts is another way to remove warts from the skin. We will describe in this post how to remove warts with the help of the cream. Some of the creams for wart removal are: retinoid cream (Avita, Retin-A) cantharidin, or imiquimod. Creams are used to remove common warts and genital warts (imiquimod…

Salicylic Acid Treatment

There are products in the form of solution as the main active ingredient usually contains salicylic acid. In 2/3 of the patients studied, the warts disappeared within 12 weeks of using salicylic acid treatment. In addition to cryotherapy, you can use the topical treatment based on salicylic acid. The salicylic acid is applied by brushing once…

Laser wart removal

Laser wart removal is a method in which is used a laser beam, the principle of heating and evaporation of warts on body is the same as removing the warts with radio wave as well as anesthesia. The healing of wounds is longer than those of the other methods since the skin suffer much more…

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen

The procedure of removing warts with liquid nitrogen Removing warts with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy for warts) is an intervention during which doctor freezes tissue of the warts on the skin. Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -194 C, and it is the most efficient for clinical use of all cryogenics. The low temperature is effective…

Wart removal with radio-waves

Wart removal with radio-waves is the most effective treatment for removing warts from skin or mucous membranes. Numerous clinical studies have proven that radio waves give significantly better results than other methods because relapses as extremely rare, the cure rate is 97%. The procedue of radiowave surgery The intervention is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthetic may be…