Removing warts with liquid nitrogen

The procedure of removing warts with liquid nitrogen

Removing warts with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy for warts) is an intervention during which doctor freezes tissue of the warts on the skin. Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -194 C, and it is the most efficient for clinical use of all cryogenics. The low temperature is effective cryotherapy for the warts treatment. Temperatures of -25 to -50o C can be achieved if a sufficient amount of liquid nitrogen is sprayed or applied with stick within 30 seconds.

Removing warts with liquid nitrogenWith this treatment below wart is formed the hematoma and scab which cause that wart falls off. The disadvantage of this procedure is imprecise and large number of treatments that the patient must have. Also, the disadvantage of this method is that by spraying liquid nitrogen on skin it damage surrounding tissue, and the virus can spread to surrounding skin.

It is impossible to estimate the depth to which tissue freezes and there is a strong possibility that after a few months warts will appears on the same place. This method is good for HIV positive patients because there is no evaporation.

Removing the growths with liquid nitrogen is considered outdated because after this type of wart treatment often lead to inflammation of the warts.

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