Salicylic Acid Treatment

There are products in the form of solution as the main active ingredient usually contains salicylic acid. In 2/3 of the patients studied, the warts disappeared within 12 weeks of using salicylic acid treatment. In addition to cryotherapy, you can use the topical treatment based on salicylic acid.

The salicylic acid is applied by brushing once or twice a day and provides results after six to 12 weeks. It causes a mild irritation that helps the immune system to start a fight with viruses in the affected area. If your skin becomes rough or get burned from the acid, discontinue use and consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Salicylic Acid TreatmentSalicylic Acid Treatment Safety Precautions

Salicylic acid literally burns warts. Therefore, you must be very careful with this treatment of warts, because it can damage surrounding healthy skin. To avoid scarring, surrounding skin must be protected. Because of the danger, do not use salicylic acid in the treatment of warts that are found on the face. People with poor circulation (diabetics or those suffering from peripheral vascular disease) should avoid treatment of salicylic acid, due to the increased risk of damage to the skin, tendons and nerves.

Use a rough surface (nail file) to remove excess skin around the wart. Before rubbing, soak the wart in water for about 5 minutes to soften the skin. Do not share a nail file with anyone because of the transmission of the virus. Apply some Vaseline or patch on the skin around the warts and applying very small droplets of salicylic acid, to prevent leaking around.

Salicylic acid treatment can be a lengthy process that requires 12 weeks or more, everyday application. Preparations with salicylic acid is a method of gradually peeling tissue of warts. This therapy is only used for of warts that are found on the skin surface.

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