Using cream to remove warts

Using cream to remove warts is another way to remove warts from the skin. We will describe in this post how to remove warts with the help of the cream. Some of the creams for wart removal are: retinoid cream (Avita, Retin-A) cantharidin, or imiquimod. Creams are used to remove common warts and genital warts (imiquimod cream). Remember that in most cases the warts subside by themselves after a while.

How do cream remove warts?

By applying these creams to remove warts a dead layer of skin is removed from the surface of the wart. Another type of cremas can create blisters below the wart. This treatment to remove warts is very easy and you can do it at your home. There are several similar products for wart removal and maybe you have to try a few of them to find out one that suits you best.

Using cream to remove warts - cantharidin formulaWart removal with Cantharidin

By applying Cantharidin on warts on the skin it will form blisters around the warts. After applying the cream protect your skin with a bandage. After a wile formed blister under wart will separate wart from the skin and after that wart can be removed. You can get this product in selected pharmacies only.

Wart removal with Imiquimod

This is a topical cream. Human papilomavirus that cause warts defeat our immune system and warts occur on our skin. Imiquimod cream helps our immune system by increasing the production of interferon so it can fight with the virus. This product is approved by FDA and it can be used on genital warts.

Wart removal with Retinoid cream (Avita, Retin-A)

You have to be aware that his cream can cause redness and peeling of your skin. Use it carefully and give your body some time to get used to it. This cream works by disrupting the growth of wart cells. Use the cream as instructed by the doctor. It may take several months to remove warts. This cream is best for warts on your hands (flat warts).

Side effects of using cream to remove warts

Your skin will become dry, red, it will change color, and also will be sensitive to sunlight. Occurrence of skin changes such as crusting, swelling or blistering is normal. It is strongly recommended to not use this product during pregnancy.

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