Wart removal with radio-waves

Wart removal with radio-waves is the most effective treatment for removing warts from skin or mucous membranes. Numerous clinical studies have proven that radio waves give significantly better results than other methods because relapses as extremely rare, the cure rate is 97%.

Wart removal with radio-waves

The procedue of radiowave surgery

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia. Anesthetic may be in the form of creams (which are applied to the skin one hour before treatment) or anesthesia needle with smallest diameter with whom the 2% lidocaine was injected directly into the area where the warts.

The first type of anesthesia is suitable for small changes on the face, neck and genitals. When a change is on the feet, hands or if larger than 5 mm, it is necessary to anesthesia with a needle to make the intervention painless. When the anesthesia takes effect, doctor passes over the areas the warts with radio-waves and warts evaporates. Just on the feet and hands after the therapy with the radio waves required curettage the warts to make sure that the root of warts is removed.

Such an intervention leaves a dry scab and sometimes depression in the skin. Over the next two weeks scab rises, fills the recess and after falling of scab stays young skin that is flat with the surrounding skin. During two months after the removal the warts, skin color is equated with the surrounding. If the change was greater than 5 mm, it may remain slightly lighter skin at the point of wart removal. It is desirable to treat the place of intervention with antibiotic powder, after wart removal with radio-waves.

Does wart removal with radio-waves treatment damage the skin?

Radio waves minimally traumatize the tissue and thus lead to easier and better wound healing, resulting in almost invisible scars. The method is bloodless and secure and so elegant that patients do not feel that are subjected to surgical intervention, which is essential for reducing stress and feeling of comfort of the patient.

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