Periungual warts

Periungual warts is one of the least understood types of warts. They have been given their name because periungual warts are skin growths which appears under the fingernails. For that reason they are very hard to spot. In the beginning they have smooth surface and at a later stage they becomes rough on the surface. The growth rate is the biggest difference when we compare this type of warts to other types of skin warts. Due to rapid growth they can cause permanent deformation of the nails. Periungual warts are irregular in shape and very painful. This type of the warts as well as other types of warts occur due to the effect of the human papillomavirus HPV.

periungual wartsThey are spread from person to person usually through cuts or cracks in the skin through which the virus is able to penetrate into the body. Also nail biting and cuticle biting causes the appearance of this type of warts because that bad habit damages the skin and allows the virus to penetrate in to the body. We can protect us from getting this type of warts with regular hand hygiene and by using only our own manicure set.

If you notice this type of warts on your hands ait is necessary to contact your doctor s soon is possible and immediately to start the treatment and thus reduce the damage that these periungual warts can cause by deformation of the nail.

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