Will Genital Warts Affect Pregnancy or the Child?

Genital wart treatment in pregnancy is done in the same way as before pregnancy. Having regard to the duration of the pregnancy, it is better to treat warts before the birth. In that sense the best time for this is 20th week of pregnancy because the tissue completely heals up to the birth.

genital wart treatment in pregnancyThe main reason for genital wart treatment in pregnancy is to prevent the infection in newborns by passing through the birth canal. Otherwise the HPV infection itself and changes do not significantly affect the course and outcome of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, pointed genital warts can grow rapidly. Warts should be removed because they can bleed or obstruct the birth canal. HPV is rarely passed from mother to child. In rare cases, HPV types 16 and 11 in children can cause growth of warts. This disease is referred to as juvenile recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.

Most therapeutic options for the treatment of diseases of the cervix caused by HPV infection will leave the cervix enough preserved to be able to support a pregnancy.

If there is a risk of infection for the baby, childbirth is performed by Caesarean section.

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