How to get rid of warts – The Ultimate Guide

Most of us in our lives met with the appearance of warts on the skin.  There is no person who did not wish to get rid of warts instantly. But often this is not possible. Is there any way to getting rid of warts fast?

We will try to answer to this question, but first a few words about how warts occur.

How do warts occur?

Warts are benign, uneven skin growths caused by the human papilloma virus. The virus is transmitted by direct or indirect contact with an infected person, and from incubation to the appearance of warts sometimes take several months. Warts can occur all over the body, most commonly on fingers, mainly along the nail, on the backs of the hands and feet. In children, mostly occurring on the face, under the chin in men and in women on the legs.

Warts can occur due to poor body resistance, so they are more prone to disease people with weakened immune systems. If you do not touch and do not change, these growths are not dangerous. However, because the virus can spread throughout the body, hands, clothes and even jewelry, doctors recommend their removal.

What is the most effective wart removal method?

Treatment depends on the type of warts, the place where they are located, periods of their duration, age of the patient, but also on how they reacted to an already used form of therapy. Most warts disappears spontaneously in a few years . However, in about 35% of the patients they can re-occur in the same or new places.

Basically we distinguish between two basic approaches in the treatment of warts:

  • Medical treatment of warts by a dermatologist
  • Removing warts naturally at home

Get rid of warts with medical treatment

Some people go to a dermatologist for advise how to remove warts from the body. Some of the conventional methods for the removal of warts are:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Medicines
  • Surgery
  • Chemical peels

medicinal treatment to get rid of wartsRemoving warts with Cryotherapy

This therapy involves freezing of warts which fall off from skin after a few days. For this wart removal method is used liquid nitrogen. The advantage of this treatment is that it stimulates the immune system to fight the virus naturally. The disadvantage of this treatment is  pain, blistering, discolored skin and you have to repeat treatments to take effect.

Removing warts with Medicines

Your dermatologist may prescribe to you several medicines to get rid of warts. These treatments include:

Retinoid cream is  first of them which is used to disrupt the growth of wart cells. The most commonly used are Avita and Retin-A.

Cantharidin is the next medicine for wart removal. This treatment forms blister under wart which causes lifting of skin with wart. Cantharidin is applied to the skin in a doctor’s office.

Imiquimod cream affects our immune system in such a way that helps our body to fight with human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes warts.

Bleomycin is also one of medicinal wart treatments and it involves treating of warts with very small amount (drops) of Bleomycin. Advantage of this method is that Bleomycin can remove warts that are persistent. Disadvantage is are that you have to perform minimum four treatments, pain, redness of skin and bleeding.

Removing warts with Surgery

There are several surgery methods of wart removal and we will present you the most common methods. Surgery is maybe the most effective wart removal method and easiest way to remove warts because warts are removed instantly from the surface of the skin. This method is not painless but we can tell for sure that this is the fastest way to get rid of warts.

Electrosurgery is most commonly used for removal single of several warts but is not effective for larger areas affected with warts. This method removes warts with a high frequency electric current. Electric current burns warts on skin surface. This method is fast but cant be used for large areas, leave scar on skin surface and warts can reappear.

Curettage is another surgical wart removal method. Doctor commonly use scalpel to cut the tissue of wart. This type of wart treatment is performed with local anesthetic because its painful. This is maybe the best method for filiform warts removal. They can be most easily removed because they hang over from the surface of the skin on a thin line.

Laser surgery is method which use laser beam to burn and destroy blood vessels of wart tissue. This treatment is usually performed in doctors office and involves the use of local anesthesia. Laser penetrate through epidermis and destroy blood vessels which supply warts with blood. Wart after treatment get dry and falls of.

Advantage of this method is that it can be very effective, it can be done during pregnancy, can remove large warts or widespread warts and leave no scars. Disadvantage is costs, wound can be painful, infection, swelling, redness and longer recovery time.

Removing warts with Chemical peels

Chemical peels treatment is used to remove larger number of warts. Dermatologist will prescribe some of the preparations for skin peeling. Over-the-counter treatments for warts include:

Salicylic acid is nonprescription medicine for warts. It can soften the layers of skin and you just apply pressure and friction to surface and rub the wart off. he advantage of this method is that you can perform at home, and disadvantage is that you cant determine with accuracy how deep the acid is penetrated into the skin.

Glycolic acid is most commonly used to remove flat warts. This method is inexpensive and can be applied at home. The first results of this over-the-counter medication can be achieved by the fourth week and no later than eight weeks.

Trichloroacetic acid or TCA treatmnet is 80% concentrated gel based on acid. Like other over-the-counter wart removal medicines it can also be applied at your home. It peels top layer of skin and also warts with it. TCA treatment is more powerful then salicylic acid treatment so it requires a lot of attention to avoid unwanted consequences. This treatment last up to 10 weeks.

This over-the-counter medications you can apply at home once per day. Chemical peeling removes layer-by-layer of the skin and thus eliminate warts. Advantage of this treatment is that your skin become smoother and less wrinkled. They also improve the appearance of the skin. Disadvantages are expenses, scarring, infection and difference between treated and surrounding skin.

Natural ways to get rid of warts

Beside medical way there are also large number of home remedies for wart removal. Here are some of them which are the most popular:

  • Hot water soak
  • Garlic
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tree Tea Oil
  • Baking soda
  • Castor oil
  • Banana peel
  • Basil

and many others..
We will briefly describe each of these wart removal home remedies so you can try to get rid of warts at your home.

how to get rid of warts naturalyHome remedies for removing warts

Hot water soak is used for treatment of warts on hands and feet. Heat water up to 110°F and soak hands or feet between 10-15 minutes. This temperature will destroy the virus in top layer of skin. During treatment pour heated water to maintain the water temperature. It is good to combine this method with other over the counter medications. Although slow, this method is proved to be efficient for most infected with the warts virus.

Garlic is well known as a medicinal plant. In addition to being used to lower blood pressure garlic can also be used for wart removal. Use one clove of garlic, and crush it or cut it on half. Put the cut side down and rub the wart. Cover the clove with bandage or large Band-aid and leave it over night. To get rid of warts repeat the treatment for 3-4 weeks.

Aloe Vera have well known therapeutics properties. One of them is wart removal. If you don’t have it already at home buy one. Cut the small peace of lower plant leaf. Extract the thorns and remove the pulp. Rub the wart with pulp and leave Aloe Vera pulp on wart over night. Just cover it with gauze. Repeat this every day until the complete removal of warts.

Tree Tea Oil is made of Tea tree plant from Australia. We use essential oil of Tea Tree for wart treatment. Take the cotton swab and put some oil on it. Apply it on wart and leave it on overnight. Be sure to use only 100% pure tea tree essential oil.

Baking soda is another of the things that you absolutely must have in your house. It will help you to whiten your teeth, heal burns, clean stains and of course to get rid of warts. Mix the baking soda and white vinegar and apply it on the warts. Do this twice a day. Repeat treatment until the warts are gone.

Castor oil beside other medicinal properties can also helps to remove warts. It contains acid, and that acid burns warts so that they falls of after a while. You can apply pure castor oil or mix it with baking soda and make paste. Do this twice a day.

Banana peel wart treatment is good for common, flat and plantar warts. There is nothing simpler than this: just put the inside of the banana peel overnight on the wart. You should expect first results after week or two.

Basil have well known anti-viral components. Warts are viral disease so the basil will affect his withdrawal from the body. Grind a few leaves of basil and apply on wart. Cover it with bandage and leave over night. Repeat this procedure for two weeks.

I think we have listed the most common ways for removing warts. Choose one of the methods that suits you best. I hope we gave you the answer on question – How to get rid of warts?

With the development of medicine and the advancement of science will surely appear some other ways to remove warts.

Also people find out daily for a new plant or a natural ingredient that has medicinal properties that can help us to get rid of warts naturally. If you have any advice or a new way to get rid of warts, we invite you to share it with us.

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