Natural Home Remedies for Warts

Wart home remedies can help us to cure some types of warts. Sometimes it is not necessary to go to the doctor to get rid of warts, although there are several medical treatments for this purpose. Every body is different, so certain method is not effective for every person, but is worth a try! There are many natural home remedies for warts, we will recommend some of the best.

Long has been known that warts can be successfully cured with keratolytics, precisely with creams and ointments that contain vitamin A. Also, solutions and gels that cause peeling will remove warts effectively. However, there are many natural remedies, which as well remove them.

By definition, warts are skin changes that occur due to the effects of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the epidermis of the skin. HPV causes epithelial hyperplasia (increased number of epithelial cells), and various changes in them. Single warts are not dangerous, but if they expand they cause serious problems. In addition to the official, medical solutions, there are natural home remedies for warts that effectively remove warts and they are just as good as medical.

Warts that undoubtedly make the skin ugly, most often on the hands, effectively are treated with the fresh juice of celandine plant – lubricate them several times a day with this yellow liquid. The same applies for dandelion juice, lemon juice or pineapple, as well as for the fig “milk” – a liquid that leaks when you tear a leaf.

If this is the first at hand, rub the warts with a piece of onion or natural chalk. Do not damage them scratching with nails, they fall off themselves.

One also effective tool against warts you may have in the house, but it has not been used for this purpose: castor oil. Lubricate them with oil from time to time, and they will disappear.

Natural wart treatments are cheap and do not leave any scars on the skin. In addition to external treatment, drink tea or tincture of burdock, dandelion root or red clover.

As you can see from the above examples there are many ways to remove warts naturally. In our posts, we will describe some of the most common natural home remedies for warts. If you warts after treatment recur, it is very likely that you compromised immune system, and in this case, seek help from a dermatologist.

Here we listed some of the most common wart removal home remedies:

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