How to Remove Warts With Banana Peel

Before we explain to you how to remove warts with banana peel read a couple of interesting facts about the banana.

Banana is the most popular tropical fruit. This interesting yellow fruit contains three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose, along with fiber.

Dietians claim that the banana contains many nutrients that give us a large amount of energy.

One study showed that 2 bananas provide sufficient amount of energy needed for surgeon to perform a 90-minute complex operation.

Interestingly, the banana peel is no less useful than the fruit itself!

How to remove warts from skin with banana peel?

How to use banana peel to remove warts?If you have a problem with the constant appearance of warts on the skin, this problem can be solved with the help of the banana peel. In addition to removing warts, peel will prevent re-emergence of warts.

Place a piece of banana peel over the wart so that the inside of the peel covers the wart and surrounding of skin. Use a small adhesive strip with a gauze pad or Band-aid and cover the wart with banana peel and let it work during the night.

Repeat this process every night until the wart is completely removed from the skin. The potassium in the banana peel will remove the skin wart and prevent them from reappearance.

This is another effective and natural way to remove warts from the skin. We hope that you will remove wart with banana peel and thus get rid of warts on the skin forever.

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